Planning Northland Holidays

Northland holidays are a popular summer getaway as Aucklanders seek to escape the sweltering confines of the city and enjoy the pristine natural environment around them. Northland is known for its subtropical climate and clear beaches, and there are so many things to explore.  Hokianga is a great place to start as it’s just three hour’s drive north of the big city and perched on the western coastline. Here you’ll find the Waipoua Kauri Forest, filled with immense ancient trees that need to be seen to be believed. Also on the west coast are the Waiwere boulders, a unique basalt stone formation that can be explored and climbed.

There’s also the Bay of Islands, a cluster of bays and small islands that make up a fantastic marine playground, filled with sea and plant life you won’t find anywhere else. These can be explored by kayak or small boat, and there are a number of rental services around that allow you to explore natural wonders such as Cathedral Cove at your own leisure. The best thing about Northland is that so many attractions occupy such a small space, so you can easily drive between them and make day trips across the region.

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